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So, I have this exercise to do in my classes and I've reached a part in my model that confuses me (due to the text). I've tried some approaches but I can't seem to find the solution. I've also tried to ask 3 teachers, but they all say they can't help me and that I have to wait for the next class. Well, I'd like to solve this exercise and understand, so here's the part that confuses me:

"The bands give concerts, and each concert has a date and a time.
The concerts can be solo or at a festival. In a solo concert it is needed to know the city and the place. In a festival concert it is needed to know to which festival the concert belongs. Each festival has a name, a year of edition and a place. A festival can have many stages, with concerts in parallel at the different stages. Each stage has a name and it is needed to know in wich stage a concert takes place."

So here are the options I have thought about (but the correct answer might not be any of them, I know):

number 1:

number 2:

number 3:

number 4:

I think the image number 1 is the least correct, as it doesn't have the Festival entity.

Thank you so much for your opinions and input in advance (:

It seems that any stage belongs to a place, but not any place has more than one stages. Therefore I would set up a database in which
- each concert takes place at a time and a place;
- each place may have several stages;
- each stage belongs to a festival and to a place;
- each concert may belong to a festival.

A SOLO entity or property is not needed as this property can be computed: a CONCERT which does not belong to a FESTIVAL is a solo.
Hope that helps.

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