Q1. If my application such as MS office in standalone computer and without access internet. Will this application need to use application layer in internet model.

Application layer in Internet model consists of presentation layer, session layer and application layer.

What software is using application layer?

Q2. FTP is example of application for application layer in internet model?

Q3. file transfer, email, define compatible representation of all data are the service provided by applicatio layer in internet model?

here's a start on understanding the layers: http://www.inetdaemon.com/tutorials/basic_concepts/network_models/osi_model/

short answer: any application that attempts to access the internet, for updates, status reporting, fetching, uploading, etc will timeout if it can't get an answer from the target website. Some apps use default timeouts of up to two minutes, so it can seem that the app or computer is "frozen". Same for http, or ftp, or even gateway protocols.

The app will work in its basic functionality, only. Some internet-based apps won't work at all (e.g;