trigger i am wrting on mysql table
i have a tool in which i am calcultaing marks 140 atomic questions and now i want add 4 questions marks and assign to one major questions.
how should i approach it.


("$value.governance and accountability") = ("$value.existence of a governing board") + ("%value. Board meetings held as per bye laws");


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I am wrting trigger on mysql table. I have 140 atomic questions and i have given some marks and now want to calculate the marks of say 4 atomic questions and there summation sholud be equla to major atomic ques. like A = B+ C+ D where my A B C D are individual ques in one single record. I need your help to resolve this problem.


A = 'governance_accountability'
B = 'existence of a governing board'
C = 'board meetings held as per bye laws'
D = 'legal compliance (last 3 years)'

A = B + C + D


i am using phprunner 5.6 and
The ngos will fill the NGO PROFILE online (PHP/MYSQL) and NGO ACCREDITATION TOOL (PHP / MYSQL) this will be filled at the mission office. Rating / Grading of NGOs is done and marks are allocatted to individula ngos on four broad parameters like (Governance and accountability/Transparency / organnisational capacity/ Program implementation).summation of 100 marks is from these broad paramaeters and there are sub parameters and sub sub parameters.

marks are allotted to ngos on these parameters.

I am developing db in PHP/ mysql and i am using this navicat (managing different kinds of dbs oracle/mysql/sqllite/postgressql/) / phpmyadmin(wamp server it installs apache web server/ mysql/ php all are included in an executable file wamp.exe). wamp server runs on port 80 so it should be free.

Marks are allotted to individual questions and one ques is a summation of next five ques marks and now how should i calculate the marks in (PHP/mysql). Should i declare variables for individual questions and then do summation / should i write a procedure/ function in mysql / trigger in mysql.

i want assistance in wrting procedure/ function mysql as i am an oracle dba. kindly help me in this regard.
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As long as you do not post a concrete question pertaining to mysql you probably won't get an answer.
If you rather do your processing in PHP or in the database is a matter of taste, speed and efficiency. I recommend that all processing which can be moved to the database should go there because then it does not matter if you use PHP or any other interface for data manipulation.
Furthermore your problem seems to be solvable by a (maybe complicated) query. But that is impossible to say without data structures, test data and desired results.

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