I have this idea which I need some help with. Currently I am developing a mysql database with a java interface. It is a hotel management system, and for billing purpose. I have the following tables.

Bill (BillID, ResvID, IssueDate, ToTalBill, ChargedTo)

Employee (EmpID, Name, Age, Nationality, NatId, Mobile, Telephone, Email, Position, Language, Salary, JoinDate)

User(UserID, Password)

as per the requirements, the ID number of the employee (UserID or EmpID) should be printed on the bill.

Any suggestions or ideas about implementing this ?


Note : to log in the system the user has to log in (front desk receptionist). The employee table includes list of all the employees, and there is another table User (who are the users of the system, In other words, User has to be an employee and not all the employees are users )
I am considering linking Bill table to User table

Well for a start you will need a relationship between Employee and User if they are not the same thing. Can you have users who are not employees, if not dump the User table and store the UserId and Password in the Employee table.

The Bill will not only require a total but be itemised, accordingly you should have another table with

BillItems(BillId, ItemNo, Description, Amount)