I am with a web host using mysql 4.0 and phpmyadmin 2.5.5 p\1

I am trying to get my html user form on my website to insert into mysql database. I keep getting:

Error! Could not select the database: Access denied for user: 'match.match.com@10.80.0.%' to database 'mydb'

Can you tell me is this error because the web host has not set permission for me Or what else it may be. Last...

I am new to mysql and phpmyadmin but i feel i am understanding it good enough to perform small functions.

And one of the fellas at the hosting company suggested maybe i best go with a dedicated server.

Can you tell me, to have a small online site with user login be able to use mysql and php myadmin smoothly is a dedicated server the way i should go! Thank-You

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The error you describe sounds like it results from the mysql_select_db() function. If that's the case, am I to assume your mysql_connect() statement did not fail?

You specify the hostname, username, and password with the mysql_connect function. If that did not produce an error, then your account does exist and you can login. If you then get an error when you attemt to select a specific database, then yes, the problem is most likely that your mysql account does not have any privs on that database.

Make sure that your mysql_connect statement is actually successful. For example, if you use the '@' in front of the statement, you won't know it failed. Do something like this:

if (!$cnn = mysql_connect('localhost', 'mysql_user', 'mysql_password')) {
	die("Great google-moogly! The database connection failed!");

NO! You do not need a dedicated server, and I would not recommend one to you--unless I was selling dedicated servers. <g> If you really know what you are doing, and you can afford it, a dedicated server is nice to have, but you certainly don't need one. I'd also like to take this moment to shamelessly advertise my hosting services. I provide business-class, LAMP hosting for only $5/mo with everything you need to build PHP/MySql web applications.


Thank-you for replying me, it is working! I cannot switch at this time, I feel awful! I will certainlly consider you if I get a second site (Which is very likely) and I will recommend you! I Promise.
Now I must fine tune (learn) how to script my php ...

Thank-you again so much

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