Good day everybody! Could you help me on how to install mysqli extensiton in PHP ver 5?

Thank you in advance.

Regards to all,


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step1. you can find php_mysqli.dll

step2. and put that dll into c:\php\extensions\

step3. that folder is not available, create it. now our dll file is in c:\php\extensions\php_mysqli.dll

step4. go to php.ini, i thought that is in c:\windows

step5. search "extension_dir"

step6. after you found that you can set the path c:\php\extensions

step7. inside the php.ini, go to the dll section (search dll as your text in the search box)

step8. there is something like ;extension=php_mysqli.dll

step9. if it is not available, you type the above thing and remove the semicolan (;)

step10. save php.ini file and check it out.


I realize this thread is older, but it is also incomplete. How do you install it on other OS's, such as Linux or Mac OS X? The writer did not specify an operating system, and we need to be careful that we include complete descriptions for all mainstream OS's out there.


The easiest way in most Linux/BSD distros is to use the default package manager, this way you are likely to install the version that is recommended and tested for your distro version and install the components in their default locations.

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