Primarily, I need a table of employees with the following fields: Name, Photo(s), and Bio. So the rest should be easy enough, but I know nothing about databases.... so the photo field I'm assuming should be of the blob type, however I need to have a primary photo, and then additional ones. So I don't know if I need to have those separately and call them into the table or something... reference them... yeah clearly I have no idea. But that's my goal. How do I go about doing it? Thank you in advance.

ALSO: On the Employees page, I need to display a gallery of thumbnails of each employee's primary photo, display the name underneath each photo, and have the thumbnails link to their respective profile pages, which will display everything: name, photo, bio, and then additional photos below.

If there can be multiple images per employee the best way to do it is create another table to hold the images. It will have 2 columns, the employee ID and the URI to the image. Thus it can have many images listed against one employee. Instead of storing the images in the database, store them in a folder and the database table holds the file path to the image.

You will need to create an additional table for images:
ImageID int not null autoincrement,
EmployeeID int not null,
Image blob

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