HI, I have in my database 50+ tables and getting slowly lost because it's looks like a bit messy up because of the long list in the Object Explorer (SQL Server Management Studio).

Does anybody know a way how to organize this tables in subfolders like how the "system tables" are in an extra subfolder ("system tables")?

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You can't. Use a naming convention such as "Cust*" for all the custom tables, "Inv*" for invoice tables. It will group them by name but that is about as good as it gets.


Thank you for your answer. It's a pity...

Because the front end are a web application it's too later now to change the table names.

Does the MS SQL Server 2008 have this function or still not possbile (i use the MS SQL Server 2005).


As far as I know it does not and I have never heard this request before. I think it is fine the way it is personally.


Sorry but i don't think it's possible in SQL 2008 either, I don’t even think it have been discussed. Most database designers use table names to categorise, and if they don’t then they change to categorised table names later. By using the same table name structure as sknake mentioned.

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