Hello cool peoples, so I couldn't figure out if images could be added in the post therefore follow the prescribed link at the end of this post.

Problem: I do not know how to create whats going on in the pictures. I try not to use terms to define what's going on because I don't want to confuse anyone as I am unsure of what to call what I'm trying to do. Only thing I know is it has an "entry form", a "search engine" and makes use of a "database". If anyone knows how I might be able to create this thing or know of any applications that I maybe able to utilize for the development of this application that would be very helpful.

And I'll break it down further, basically we want users to be able to submit "data" which is then stored in the database. That data is then retrieved upon using the search engine. That's it. Very simple tool for users to make use of.

Link: Click Here

FYI: Someone has actually started helping me with this problem over in "Web Design". I renamed the post to "How to develop..."

Please follow if you have any advice to add, Thanks a bunch people!