`select s.sname as stationname , sum(di.quantity) as quantity from demand_information di, demand d, company c , station s where s.sno = d.sno(+) and di.demandno = d.demandno and d.cno = c.cno and c.cname = $P{companyname} and to_char(d.demanddate,'MM-yyyy') = $P{gdate} and di.pno = (select pno from products where productname = $P{productname}) group by s.sname'

Following is my query ... i want to print all the stations , so i am using s,sno =+ d.sno ( left outer join) on station but nothing is working right... Please give it a view. Thank you.

Hi majesctics,
can u desc your tables so that it will be useful to know the column names and do proper query?

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