Good day,

I created a simple search in sql. inside the textchange event. everythis seem to be ok for text box. i want to have another search with the other text but this time i want to use the first search and concat it with the next condition..

here is the scenario...

once i type in the textbox and press enter all the record with the this character will return..

this is filtered in the first textbox


        FROM Patient_Information 


how could i put the other filter that was will be filtered by other textbox


You can declare a var to hold your query in the declarations part of your form (before the first sub) and a second one to hold your query criteria. This will give your vars scope for all events in this form and allow you to use them in 2 or more different subs.

When coding the textchanged events instead of declaring a string for your query, use the ones that have scope the entire form. Check if the query_criteria one has a value assigned and if it does concatenate your new criteria at the end (make sure you concatenate a space in there as well). If it doesn't have a value assign it one.

execute your query by concatenating the 2 string vars (the query and the query criteria) for each of the 2 subs.

very well said adam k. thanks for your advice about that. it helps me alot..

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