What is Search Engine Submission?

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It's nothing since it doesn't exist anymore :)

Years ago, you had to manually submit your website to search engines so they would know about you. Nowadays, web crawlers follow links throughout the web, and they discover any webpage that has been linked to from another webpage.

I agreed with Dani, its an perfect answer to this query...

Search Engine Submission is one of the part of OFF page factors.It means submit the website URL to the search engines.

When we submit our URL direct to search engine then it is known search engine submission. But personally i will suggest you use manual process means do not

submit url directly to search engine wait when Google will crawl it. so just create the high quality backlinks.

Hope you understood.

Search Engine Submission is really a submit website url in search engine.Search Engine submission promote a website.We have many Search Engine like Google,Yahoo and Bing.But one things in mind we submit the url after crawl of website.

Submit your url directly on search engine directories. Nothig affected for now a days for a website, if you doing so then try it manually, avoid any autometed tool.

The Search engine submission is the process in which we have to submit our website details in the Search Engines. This helps to get our websites pages cached in the Search engines.

Search engine submission is help to notify the existence of your website to search engines and they try to index your website for listing.

Search Engine Submission is one of the part of OFF page home.It is news sea.we search here all subject in the google search.

submit your website in famous search engine like google, yahoo, bing...

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