I want to pass my all database from windows to ubuntu on my computer. I think passing all releated data files will be enough so I need to find the files in my windows. Do you know what isthe directory path for these files? Also is it enough to carry the files to pass my database as I desire?

Thanks :)

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at least that's where it is in my installation of usbwebserver on my windows laptops.

copy the folder with the database name and paste in new location. Test this first of course.
There are three files per table in the database: .frm = table definition; .MYD = table data; .MYI = table index/indices

OR do a databse dump (or a total export if you have something like phpMyAdmin or HeidiSQL) This produces plain text files which are a set of sql queries which will rebuild the entire database when run.

The location of the database files depends on the datadir configuration variable in my.ini (or my.cnf, depending on the installation). This configuration file usually resides in the root directory of your mysql installation.
But, as drjohn suggests, better export the whole database. mysqldump is a command line utility which comes with MySQL and exports all data. Import the dump by feeding it to the command line client mysql.

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