Hello all,

Im looking for a tool that allows me to visualise a single entry in a database, so i can see that entry, and all entries that have a foreign key to it, and foreign keys to those etc.
Im not talking about an ERD, but more like a graph showing all entries from all tables related to a single entry.

This is what i have at the moment: a database containing a lot of employees. an employee might have multipl employees under him, who might have multiple of them as well.
What i would like to have is a tool that allows me to visualy see the 'chain of command' a certain user has, along with related table entries for each user (like his or her assignments)

Does anyone know if such a tool exists? i'm not to afraid to write it myself, but it would seem a waste of time if someone else already did that.

I know MySQL Browser, but you have to write the querys your self.

According to the mysql site, the browser became part of mysql workbench.
I've got it installed, but i can't find that function.

Oh, I never used it. It's been a while since I used MySQL. And last time I did, there was no Workbench.

When you open up Workbench go to the top menu and select "Database > Reverse Engineer". Put in the DB connection info and it will walk you through the steps.

I know, but thats an ERD diagram. what i was looking for was more like a tree structure generator, that showed an individual entry from a table, and all related entries (be it in the same table, or another)

As far as i know, mysql workbench doesnt have that, so i guess my best guess is to loop the database in python (for example) and use a graphic library to draw one myself.

This is an example: it was made manually, but thats just undoable for the really huge databases.

I really don't have any other suggestions. I would probably setout and create my own in PHP (for example) ;-)

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