Hi there,

I was really hoping I could find a person which could help me with my server setup to get it fully working for ASP.NET web applications under Win 7 Untimate (32bit).
I'm trying hard to setup but I still can't get into the database file.

I want to use my notebook for development so MSSQL should be installed on the localhost. Thats what I already have, but with no functionality.

If theres any guide how to do so please tell me, or if anybody could tell me/help me via teamviewer, it would be greatly appreciated.



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Open SQL Server Management Studio and right click the instance (probably "ServerName\SQLExpress"). Select properties. Select Connections. Verify that enable remote connections is checked.

Open SQL Server Configuration Manager. On the left, click SQL Server Network Configuration -> Protocols for SQLEXPRESS. Enable TCP/IP and Named Pipes.

Post back if you still can't connect.

I was writing a large reply. But I wasn't logged in so it didn't post.. :)

Thank you for your reply, your setup was already done but right after I woke up all is working so far.

Thank you once more for not telling me to google the sollution, because I've done that for like 1000 times :).

Your help is greatly appreciated.



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