I am trying to create a simple inventory database that can be accessed in an intranet. I need help on creating the entities for this database. To begin with I have the following entities:

Equipment_Description, Department_Serial_No, Equipment_Serial_No, Model, Manufacturer, Status and Price.

My first entity or table consists of Department_Serial_No and Equpment_Serial_No. Department_Serial_No is the primary key because it functionallly determines the Eqiupment_Serial_No. I am stuck on how to model the entity types.

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This is intended to be an inventory for equipment in a Physics department. I am to normalise the tables so that I avoid redunant data that is keeping related information in one table and joining the tables with their primary keys. So far I have identified Departmental_Serial_No (DSN) and Equipment_Serial_No (ESN) to be in one table and DSN to be the primary key because it uniquely define ESN. If I know DSN then I know the ESN. The rest of the task is to create table or tables for the remaining entity types: Model, Manufacturer, Status,Quantity and Price.

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