Hi, I am currently working on joining 2 tables, however those tables have different number of columns thats why I have difficulty on joining them. I tried to use FULL OUTER JOIN, close result but still not my expected output.
You can kindly see my attachment to see the scenario.

Oracle Sql Query:

SELECT a.id, b.firstName, b.lastName, b.midInitial, a.project, a.manager FROM table1 a FULL OUTER JOIN table2 b WHERE a.id = b.id

By the way, I'd used this query to that expected scenario and still not getting same on that screenshot. Hoping someone who can guide me to this. Thanks.


SELECT CASE WHEN NVL(a.id, '') = '' THEN b.id ELSE a.id as ID
        , NVL(b.firstName, '-') as [First Name]
        , NVL(b.lastName, '-') as [Last Name]
        , NVL(b.midInitial, '') as [Middle Iniital] 
        , NVL(a.project, '-') as [Current Project]
        , NVL(a.manager, '-') as [Assigned Manager]
FROM table1 a 
FULL OUTER JOIN table2 b on a.id = b.id 

Thanks sandeep, I'll try this asap. Never thought of using NVL. Thanks again.

Finally I made it working and through corrections I made from sandeepmittal11 (many thanks to him)

Here is my final sql that matches on my attached screenshot.

    WHEN nvl(t2.userid,'') IS NULL 
    THEN t1.userid else t2.userid
    END user_id,

nvl(t2.first_name,'-') as First_name,
nvl(t2.last_name,'-')as Last_name,
nvl(t2.middle_initial,'-') as Middle_Initial,
nvl(t1.current_project,'-') as Current_Project,
nvl(t1.manager,'-') as Project_Manager

FROM table1 t1

FULL OUTER JOIN table2 t2 ON t1.userid = t2.userid

ORDER BY t1.userid
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