I installed a new script onto a Linux server using cpanel.

ERROR: Nothing parsed, nothing printed
Invalid query
SELECT * FROM dating_country WHERE id IN ()
MySQL error: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ')' at line 1

As i am a pensioner who is a novice php user, i would rather if someone can explain the "Nothing parsed, nothing printed" error and perhaps how to overcome it, than to hire a programmer and miss the opportunity to learn the solution.
A search on msdn and various forums returns no answers.

The error states MySQL, so you won't find anything on MSDN. The problem in the query is that there are no values in between the parenthesis.

So, my understanding of your answer is that i find a value to insert
SELECT * FROM dating_country WHERE id IN (HERE)

Correct. If you are using a pre-made script, the values may have to come from somewhere, perhaps it's a configuration issue.

Thank You! pritaeas.
Unfortunately its one of the abandoned (No longer supported) scripts from the Grafx Software Solutions website. Their support ticket system and their Forum has now been removed from their website too. I am really trying to learn a little about PHP/MySQL and messing with their G-Dating Script, as i am now retired,i have enough time for it!

I am really trying to learn a little about PHP/MySQL and messing with their G-Dating Script

Cool, good luck then. If you have questions, the people here are very helpful.

After spending MANY hours trying to get this script operating properly, i have come to a standstill.
It was possibly ransacked on purpose by the owners/creators before being abandoned.
I had genuinely intended using this script as an addon to a community site if it was working.
The good points of my experience with it is that i have gained a lot of database/script/PHP knowledge.

Well, one thing to get it going may be to get it up on GitHub or similar website. If you change the code publicly, others may have an interest in helping you fix it.

I had a look at Github, a rather interesting website with lots of knowledge.
But i am unsure if i am allowed to upload this script legally.
It was apparently not open source as it originally required a licence.
Unsure of its legality now since it appears abandoned, and not supported.(Last update 2007)

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