Hey guys, first of im not sure if im posting my question in the right thread, if not do tell.

anyway so i recently downloaded mysql installer 5.6.16 and now im try to set up a new connection in mysql workbench 6.0 but it keeps saying access denied for user 'test@localhost ..... ' i dont know what to do.

for the root connection(connection name: Local instance MySQL56 username: root) it is okay. but just when i want to setup new connection i keep getting access denied. Im new to this mysql server so i have no clue what im doing. i even unintalled n installed it because i thought i installed it incorrectly or something.

any help/ suggestions is so very appreciated.

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check your username and password in PHP page.....

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check your username and password in PHP page.....

I simply used to write username as "root" and password is blank for mysql workbench...
At the time of connection


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