Hi all ,

Here comes the same general question.
I want to store the text ( you can call 'paragraphs' ) . What is the best way to do that? Files?
OR database is OK?

Thanks in advance :)

Both are possible. It depends on what you are planning to do with them, that should guide you to the right choice.

@pritaeas...Thanks for the reply

I just want to store and retreive whenever i want. I dont want to manipulate the text. Just want to retreive and store with ease.
I thought of files But when i look at their down side , It is not flexible if i want to retrieve the random part of the text or paragraph.
So i am looking for different ways of storing paragraphs in database.
Is there any other EFFICIENT OR CORRECT OR POSSIBLE way of storing text other than that INSERT command?

SO , lets say if i want to store some paragraph with 4 lines.
What i do is (What i know is )

insert into mytable(' paragraph goes here ');

Just thinking that it will be complicated to insert some multiple lines of text through that insert command.

Is there any other way?.


Are you going to insert those through the command line of the database, or are you going to use a client/front-end? If it's the first, then yes, it works, but may be tricky, especially if your text contains quotes. If you are using a front-end then all of that is taken care of for you. For example: I use Navicat as my database client.

I want to insert through command line as of now (maybe i will find some time and learn about how to use Navicat later).And my text contains quotes . That is the reason , i havent started inserting those paragraphs into my database yet untill i find a better and easy solution for that.

How about using oracle 11g where i can directly paste my paragraphs into database through GUI without worrying about those quotes and writing the queries?.

yeah...:) Then that should solve my requirements. I will try Navicat too if i find some time. Thanks

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