please guys i am making an app and i want to show the number of users online on the app i have this code

function whoisonline()
        //what are my variables values
        $sqloo="SELECT `id` FROM users WHERE email='$email'";
        if ($run=mysql_query($sqloo)) {


        //(`id`, `usr_id`, `usr_ip_address`, `usr_logged_out`)

        $sqlpp="SELECT * FROM usr_online WHERE usr_id = $usr_id";
        if ($running=mysql_query($sqlpp)) {


            if (mysql_num_rows($running) == 0) {
                $sql="INSERT INTO `usr_online` VALUES ('','$usr_id','$ip','$time','0')";

                if (mysql_num_rows($running) >= 1) 

                $sql="UPDATE `usr_online` SET `time`='$time',`usr_ip_address`='$ip',`usr_id`='$usr_id',`usr_logged_out`='0' WHERE  usr_id = '$usr_id'";


        $sss="SELECT * FROM usr_online";


please i want to show all the users online but the problem is that when i do a select all usr_id in the atabase it just return only one row of data please what can i do...

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6 HackerNews. HackerNews is a great community of entrepreneurs who are willing to give you good advice on your startup. You need to have a working prototype and let them look at the site directly, though. Here’s some great advice on how to submit to HackerNews.
7 Facebook Ads and Google Adwords. This is actually really hard and often pretty expensive. We were never able to really pull this off despite several attempts.
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