My instructor has given me a project as:

Car Maintenance System 
Data Entry Forms
a) Vehicle
b) Maintenance Types
c) Parts
d) Labor
a) Work Order
a) Printed Output: i) Work Order
b) Information Outputs: i) Vehicle Maintenance History, ii) Labor wise work orders

Its vague to me too, so this is what i assumed:
I have to make a Database system that stores data about a person's transactions at a car maintanance shop. This data includes

  • The cars they have brought for service
  • The services they have aquired
  • The amount of money they have spent
  • The log of all parts they have replaced
  • The log of all labor they have used

The ERD i have designed is attached.

The problem is that i feel clueless at this stage and want some feedback as to whether i am going in the right direction, and if not then what should i be doing. Please see my ERD and ask me questions about it.


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Thanks for that. The main issue i think i'm having is in developing the relationships between the tables.
For example, lets suppose the maintanance shop does not have such an extensive set of parts for the Porsche Carrera as it has for a Honda Integra. Is the relationship between Vehicle, Car, Part and Maintanance good enough for such a scenerio?

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