Hi All,

I am trying to create a drawing database in Microsoft Access. Each user has a unique log in to the databse, when they log in and go to a part I am wanting them to be able to open the drawing by pressing a button and print it. I need the drawing to have a water mark on it which has their name and the date.

Any help would be apprichiated

Re: How to open a PDF in Microsoft Access 2013 80 80

Firstly, Access is a database system. It can't 'open' a pdf but it can store either it or its file location.
What parts are you having trouble with exactly? Can you query the database to get back the image?
There are several ways to handle adding water marks. One way to layer images on top of each other in the view, pdf at the back, watermark and name on top. Or you can add the watermark to actually be part of the pdf.
What programming language are you using?

Re: How to open a PDF in Microsoft Access 2013 80 80

Thanks for the response, just needed pointing in the right direction and just wanted to see if it could be done before I wasted my time. I wasn’t sure if i could save all the drawings in a folder then when in the database select a drawing record and import it into a report to view it. I want to be able to be able to add a unique ID to each drawing and keep a log of who has printed it. I have seen other software that can do this on some of my customer’s websites. I have only been using access for about 6 months so still finding my way around it.

Re: How to open a PDF in Microsoft Access 2013 80 80

It can be done as you describe it but you need a front end solution that takes care of the actual code and feeds the data into Access for storage.
The Access database just holds records, viewing, printing, logging in all needs to be done somewhere else.

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