hi there,

i have a vps which has crashed and now have a new build of mysql and server.

the old drive is mounted and i can access all the web files from the old drive an have download the mysql raw files from the var/lib folder.

i uploaded to the new site mysql folder and all the isam tables are there with data however the tables that were in innodb are not. the are listed on the left hand side in phpmyadmin but cannot view the data. can i restore this data at all from these files somehow or can i backup using putty from that mounted folder using a command at all?

many thanks

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As long as you still have the mdf file you can copy it to where sql keeps the other database files. I keep mine in D:\SQL\DATA. Then do (using your actual path)

EXEC sp_attach_single_file_db @dbname='yourDb',

What happens if you copy the database file to the database folder then stop and retart the mysql service?

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