Hello to all! I am using Sql server express 2008. Now I want to use Integtation services such as creating and executing packages.
But I could not find any interface to create and execute packages in version of server which i am using.

When I go to start menu > SQL Sever 2008> Integration Services" then there are two feautures are shown, 1: Data Profile View, 2: Execute
Package Utility.

I don't know what is purpose of second i-e "Execute package Utility"
because when i click on this utility then an error message appears:
"Error: The Execute package utility requires integration services to be installed by one these editions of SQL Sever 2008: Standard, Enterprise, Developer, or Evaluation. To install integratio services run SQL Server setup and select Integration services"

According to instruction in above error when I ran setup of sql server, in tab of Installation type when i select "New installation or add shared features" then "feature selection window" is open and there were only these three feartures showed.were present
1: DataBase Engine Services
2:SQL Sever Replication
3:SQL Client connectivity SDK

There was no feature named Integration services. Please guide me how can I install integration services ?either i should install another edition of sql server or my installation method is faulty?

Second question is that, For analysis and reporting services hich tools should I use?

Please answer my questions , I shall be thanksfull to you.

You need at least the standard edition to have integration services. It isn't included in the express version.

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