Hey! I am really stressed out about my TURBO CPP project. I wrote a program on periodic table using file handling. when i compiled it crashed and not the project is unusable. I want to submit it at the earliest. I was hoping some one might drop their out projects. Thanks.

Can you tell me what you meant by "drop their out projects"? If it's a spelling error, fine but do correct this so folk know what you are asking.

Also why Turbo C++? It's from 1990, not that old is bad but for students, my advice is to move to something current like GNU C++, Visual Studio (Community Version is free) so they are not dealing with a near 30 year old system that will likely instill bad practices.

When I was in school, we were required to use Turbo C++. However, it was 1997 at the time.

commented: It was 1972 and my first programming as on a GE 210. Assembler, paper tape, core memory, switches. +15

My first programming language was BASIC on my Apple IIGS when I was five or six years old.

We had just gotten a computer and I was really excited about it. I asked how to use it and my computer-illiterate mom said to read the manual, so I did. The manual said that if I press Ctrl + Open Apple + Reset then I could boot into a BASIC interpreter and came with a manual of some of the basic commands that you could use.

I just had a ball typing things like PRINT 12 + 29 = and having it tell me the same answers I came up with on my math homework. I never cheated of course. I was way too nerdy for that.

Anyways, that progressed to doing things like GOTO statements and simple but yet more elaborate programs in my elementary school years.

When I was 12 or 13, I convinced my mom to buy me Visual Basic 4 and I wrote a typing tutor. It was basically a Mavis Beacon clone as I was verrrrrry big on improving my typing speed at that time. I can now type nearly 200 wpm.

When I was 15 I took a class on C++ and then at 17, taught (with teacher oversight) two C++ classes for the required volunteer credit to get into the National Honor Society.

In college they continued to teach us C++, but since I knew it already, I tutored freshmen and sophomores through a university mentoring program and used that money to start DaniWeb.

When I was 19, I decided I wanted to start deep diving into custom forum features so I read and reread every line of code of phpBB, and later vBulletin, to teach myself PHP.

DaniWeb eventually became known in both the phpBB and later vB communities as a very heavily modded forum.

About 8 years after that is when I wrote DaniWeb on my own platform written from the ground up.

I still haven’t looked back from PHP.

commented: Thanks. Always interesting to read origin stories. +0

I forgot to mention that LOGO was somewhere there in the elementary school years as well.

Also, post your code here so we can try to find the bug.

Oh never mind. Just discovered this thread is 5 months old. I guess you already found the bug.