Hi, I'm creating a project using VB.Net Windows Form and I want to create a Log-In form that can Add New User (Limited to 5 User Accounts), Delete User Account, and Change Password. I want to use Microsoft Access with it. What are the codes I should use to create it?

I also want each User to have their own database. For example, User 1 can only access Database1 but not Database2. And User 2 can only access Database2 but not Database1.

I am a beginner and I only see MySQL tutorials on YouTube but I don't have MySQL.

On my main form, I put two textbox where the user can log-in, a "Log-In" button, and a "Register" button. Register button leads to another form where the user can register.

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You appear to be asking for all the code for your application rather than help with your code. That's where you write your request for freelancers to create your app and deliver it good to go. Here we are fine with helping you with your code and it's trouble spots but for a total application and its code you need to post in a For Hire type posting.

I've realized my mistake of appearing to be asking for others to create my whole program. That is not what I want, as I want to be able to learn how it works and understand the code. I apologize for my mistake and I will keep this in mind.

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