Good day, I am actually a young programmer, who wants to develop a webpage that enables someone to take a practice test. It was given to me as an assignment that determines if I will remain a programmer. I know little about PHP codes but none in Mysql. I came to the website and noticed a discussion from @broj1 with another programmer. I don't have a code in mind yet or how I should start about it but I would a really appreciate a little help. All I have been able to do is a direct html quiz and the assignment is to be submitted on Friday. I really need help. Thanks

OK, so let's see ... You want to develop a webpage that enables someone to take a practice test. You want it to be done in PHP, but you don't really know PHP. You think you might need MySQL, but you don't know MySQL at all. And this is for a school assignment due Friday.

Sooo ... this might be a silly question, but is this for a course in which you are being taught PHP and MySQL? If so, are there any lessons you've learned so far that could give some instruction or direction as to what type of practice test site this should be, or what it should look like, or how it should function? Do you need to use Javascript? Is there meant to be a login system? Why do you think you need to use MySQL? Should it be a fixed number of questions, or random questions being asked?

A web app that enables people to take a practice test can be very minimal, or it can be a huge project with all the bells and whistles. How each are done is very different.

Well I have already done something close to it but the questions were written as HTML codes and they all appear in one page. I was now told to make the questions come from database. The .web-design lesson is actually a free course but to remain there you will be given frequent assignments and these assignments will determine your staying

The 'Practice Test' is an area to help a student preparing for a CBT(computer based test) exam in various subjects

So I am allowed to use javascript, css, html, php and mysql. and random questions should be asked

So I am allowed to use javascript, css, html, php and mysql. and random questions should be asked

It sounds like you're taking a class.
You need a model for questions and you need a model for answers.
These will both go in the database and serve as the root for this project.
What kind of Q&A? Multiple Choice, True/False, Short Answer, you have to accomodate each one you wish to use in your model.
How do you know if the answer is right (especially if it's free form)?
Are you scoring the test automatically?

Your question and scope are not well defined so your task is to define it.
That's the start; the PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript that's all just visual icing on the cake.
Just keeping things simple...
You have to start with the data model.
First things first.
Once that's done you can put in stored procedures to handle the scoring and logic.
Still all MySQL right?
Finally you can use PHP and/or Javascript to make everything flow together on the web page.
Hope this helps.

Lmao I'm a "Newbie" :D (not really only on DaniWeb)

commented: This is exactly what I want to do but the options are going to be about four on each question +0
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