i have a small app created using Vb6.0 almost 20 years ago due to some pc problem deleted. i have manage to locate the Exe file and access Mdb files. i have tried to use in new pc but giving following error Msgs.
frmkunde Form Load:fehlernr13 Type mismatch
after pressing ok getting another error as below
380 invalid property value
appreciated your support.

Time to load up the Vb6.0 (I suggest getting it up to SP6 too) and run the code to see what line is breaking now.

You have the error but you need the line of code and what variables to examine in the old Vb6.0 IDE to really nail it down.

Finally, with rare exceptions you can't copy just the Exe file, Mdb and just run. All the apps had me install the app on the new PC.

Note: I'm sure you know of what breaks as the versions of Windows changes so I won't get into that because we're not there yet and even if we were it would require a code change to handle it.

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