I am a developer creating a package for Employee.
Salary Slip maintenance creating problem means I am not getting ideas of create table.

Please help me to create table.

Salary of an Employee has following heads
* Consoldated Amt

* Additional Allowance
* Camp Allowance
* Vechile Allowance
* Servant Allowance
Tax / Reduction
* Profession Tax [ Change according to Govt. Rule ]
* Provident Fund[ Change according to Govt. Rule ]

[ Above * Fields are fixed means employee either get 0 or some amount in a month on these heads.
Below * Fields are optional. ]

Other Allowance
* One or More Allowances are given to an employee depending on satisfaction of an Employer
* Yearly
pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee help me:rolleyes:

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Look into to DB normalization. Standard procedure in design of relational DB tables. Normalization will help to define the assorted tables needed to effectively do the job. You then use the tools provided by the DB to create a table.

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