Hi there all you fine specimens of Web Developers.

I have an issue that is of course a large one for me but, I'm sure all you experts will scoff at my ineptitude:) . I have been enlisted to create two web pages, both for family, and of course both using databases which I have little experience with.

I am using dreamweaver and would like to use SQL DB's.

One site is a job listing site, which will be quite customisable and the other is a membership site.

Any hints on where to start, and anyone willing to give a bit of ongoing advice while I stumble through this one?

Cheers everybody

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First you need to learn SQL query language. There are tutorials on the net as well as books that will teach you. SQL isn't something that you can just pick up in a few minutes. I would suggest you download and install MySql database in your own personal computer so that you can use it to learn and practice SQL without destroying your live database. You need to learn how to create a database, create tables, insert, update and query tables, and learn about joins in the queries.

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