Hello everyone!

I have problem with the configuration of MySQL.
I am using IIS, Php 4.3.11(CGI) and SQL Yog. All are working.
I also installed and used MySQL Servers and Clients 4.0.15 for my database. If i connect to the database, i encounter this error: Can't connect to MySQL server on 'localhost' (10061). I have reboot the PC so many times but same error occur. I have search and read manuals in the net but i cant find solution. Anyone knows how to solve this problem pls help. Im getting mad on this. I truly appreciate any help. thanks in advance.

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What's your connection string? (Be sure to replace the password with something like 'PASSWORD' if you don't want it shared.)

Im not sure but it has nothing to do with the connection string.

The MySQL Server service cannot be started. I have used the SQLyog to connect but same error appear. I tried to start in MSDOS, still it fails and do the same in the bin directory the winmysqladmin but it fails to start as well. pls help....

Ok, we'll switch to software troubleshooting:
Is MySQL running and in memory? It should show up on Window's Processes list.

If not, perhaps something's preventing it from starting. Try launching it from a command prompt (not the run box, we want a chance to catch messages.)

Are you running other software that could interfere? MySQL probably wants to be on a specific port, and another program could be using it. What about Window's Firewall?

PHP does know about MySQL, right? The line extension=mysql.dll is uncommented in php.ini (for version 5)?

Thanks for help. I got a solution on it. I deleted all related mysql data in prefetch and windows directory and install a fresh copy of mysql and it works. thanks for help. i truly appreciate it.

Im not sure of the cause of the automaic stoppage of mysql when i attempt to start the mysql service. Probably there were conflicts on versions for the fact that i have installed and uninstalled different versions of mysql.

If you have knowledge about the automatic stoppage or failure to start the mysql service please share. That could help me and anyone visited the site when we get paranoid of whats going on with mysql service. hehehe... Thank you very much.

It's very possible that you had version conflicts. They don't always play nice together.

I had a problem with MySQL stopping after it started a week ago that I fixed by rebooting. Maybe it's just something in the air.

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