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My database contains two tables namely Products and Stocks. Product table consists of ProductName(VARCHAR[100]), PackingStyles(VARCHAR[2000]) and Grades(VARCHAR[2000]). Primary Key is the combination of these three fields. The values of PackingStyles and Grades are entered using a listbox and so they are stored as comma separated values. The Stocks and Products tables are related. When a user selects a ProductName in the Stocks table I want to form a grid based on PackingStyles and Grades. The user enters the cell values into the grid and these values must be stored in the Stocks table. Later the user may change the order of PackingStyles and Grades in the listbox or he may change the values of PackingStyles or Grades and insert a new value in the Stock based on the modified data from the Products table. In the end the user may calculate total stocks by adding these values (which is in the form of a grid formed by Packingstyles as Columns and Grades as rows with inputted values as cell values). Please help in this regard.

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What programming language are u using ??

I use both Delphi7 and VB.NET, and Oracle 10g XE and FireBird 2.0. Can VB.NET's generic classes solve this problem?

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