A friend of mine has a problem and I don't know what caused it.We scanned some text pages with my scanner and opened them with Word 2003 to see if they are ok.No problem so far.But when he opened them on his laptop (using an older version of office) word gone crazy and started turning off his monitor and everything stopped.He installed office 2003 but the problem persisted and only for the scanned pages...I advised him intall office 2003 service pack 1 but I don't know whether helped or not.

Any suggestions???


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Well,the service pack didn't help.

Any ideas?????????

they need to install the full version of office 2003 and make the files actual word or text files. also it helps to save the documents as 'all word formats'

umm.... Janine, that doesn't make sense.

MpG, could you please let us know what make and model of scanner it is, and also what, if any, OCR software is being used with the scanner. When you scan a document the scanner by nature creates an image file, not a document file. You'd normally use a graphics program to view the scanned image. If OCR (Optical character recognition) software is being used to convert the image file to a document file, the source of the problem may lie there.

I don't know if this helps but my friend owns a laptop(Acer Aspire 1700).The problem doesn't occur on my desktop PC.The scanner we used is a Compeye Joyscan DP30A 600dpi.It's a bit old.The OCR software is READIRIS 9(I also tried the first vesion of READIRIS but it prooved problematic on his laptop.My opinion is that Laptops sometimes are a bit stubborn..... :evil: Without a reason they stuck and cause sometimes weird problems such as this.

I think it's a conflict between the software used. The OCR program is apparently not creating files readable by the older version of Word on the laptop, or the newer version of Word is saving the files with formatting code that the older system can't handle. Try saving the files in another format, perhaps rtf or text files, and then open them on the laptop.

exactly what i was trying to say but i couldnt think of the right way to phrase it at the time.

The most of the text he needs is rtf format because wordpad doesn't align the bars (like Word)to fit the book width,so we saved them on wordpad and copy-pasted on Word.I don't understand why there may be a conflict between software because Readiris 9 and Word 2003 are the most recent on their series...The same sofware is on my PC and operates correctly.
We tried other format combinations too.It looks like my friends Laptop(or Word) is ...allergic to scanned pages and downloaded ones!!!! :mrgreen:

sounds like u sorted it then

Well ,we didn't but I don't think I can do anything further.It looks like an internal problem.Anyway thanks for your help!!!!!!

try uninstalling and reinstalling word, if you havent already.

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