Microsoft has already created a new "version" or "model" of their Xbox 360 console, dubbed "Elite". Aside from its black color and matching headset and wireless controller, it's not that much different, but it has a few important upgrades:

  • They've upgraded the hard drive to make it a whole 120 gigabytes. This is important when you're storing content downloaded from the ever-growing Xbox Live service.
  • They've also added high-definition output for you to watch on your widescreen TV. At the moment, the only high-def cable it supports is HDMI.
  • Although the console gives high-definition output, it still doesn't come with a built-in HD DVD player. It remains as an optional add-on available for $200.
  • The entire cost of this package is now $480, $80 more than the normal version of the Xbox 360 (which, incidentally, had a 20 GB hard drive).

However, your current Xbox 360 isn't obsolete just yet. Microsoft says they will continue selling the current 2 models of the Xbox 360 ($300 core system, and $400 regular w/hard drive), which is nice, if you're short of cash.

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