Hello Spike here. I've been teaching myself C++ for awhile now, but im still not very good at it. I was actualy wondering about the .bmp image files. I know in games they are read as little animations of some sort but they are on a flat image just in a row most commonly and i was wondering how that works? How is it that the game can read that and put them into little animations. Thanks for any answers you give i appreciate you helping me im rather new to the whole game concept. Well the making of them, i love playing them :D

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These are drawn as sprites. It is fairly easy to render an objects movements when you draw it.

Imagine drawing a wire frame object and making it move.

Now all you have to do is apply a "texture" to give it it's "character" if you will.

I was into game development for a while and it was very intense depending on how deep you wanted to get.


Oh ok.Thank you very much for your reply i think i get it now but i shall still have to look into it. Unless you want to relly explain the proccess in depth.

Cheers -Spike.

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