I am making a 3D RTS with C++ and DirectX 8(i may even upgrade it to 9) and have just started a month ago. I dont have major problems with the graphics engine neither with the AI (logic, pathfinding, computer players etc). My major problem is that i need modelers that will make or help me make the 3d models of the game (units, buildings, etc) and the artwork (pictures, background images etc). Any help or redirection to other people will be accepted.

As I said before i dont need code help BUT if you would like to help with code that would be accepted as well.

For any question please e-mail memailto:costasgr43@yahoo.com

If you know a better forum to place my request please let me know

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To jwenting

Yes i have posted to gamedev.net too almost the same time. What i need is people to work with. I will give them general guidlines so that they make some 3D models for the game. They would be a part of a team, not just some folks that will do some job for me and i will take advantage to them.

Of course it would be a great contribution if you knew some people interested in this


We got some good game modelers over at these forums.

Those are the official forums of darkbasic, and we get quite a few young coders that request project help for their latest mmorpg. And so most often ppl asking for help get laughed at because they have nothing to show. So what I'm saying is, you may find somebody willing to help you out with modelling, but a screenshot or two would help to show them that you do have a real project and you're not another "noob" with an unrealistic vision.

I'm actually making a 3d rts myself and writing a tutorial as I go along. (for darkbasic) I'm at the stage to add computer AI. I'm an rts fan myself, so I'd like to help if I can. Depending on the theme of your game, I know where there are some free, fully animated dwarf models.

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