Can any one teach me how to initialise the mouse and create small games. I know basic things like drawing a rectangle etc.

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hello everyone,
Creating games in c++ is more than just initialising the mouse. It involves alot of win api and specialized know how. Maybe you should try game programming with a basic dialect first as it is easier to understand and maybe even if you like try java and no i am not telling you to give up game programming using c++.
What i am saying is that is better for you to get some alogorthim experience.
You can try dark basic, i hear its quite good but if you use it let me know how you find it. Well this just my two cents.

Thank You

Yours Sincerely

Richard West


True, even simple games are not something everyone can wip up ya know.

If you really want to make games,then you must know the lang you use quite well,also you should know some API like OpenGL or DirectX if you want to do GUI,window based games without going down to rasterization (drawing your on lines,polygons etc).Else you will want to learn the Windows GUI API.

Or you can go in for DOS console based games using Mode13h or ModeX.

So much for displaying wath you want.The rest of the stuff like internals of the game are up to you and your skill.If you think logically you can make games quite easilly.The best step is to first plan out everything before you actully start coding.

Belive me, and also start out with the simplest game you can think of.


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