Hey pal,

It would be great if you give your suggestions and ideas on Java script Tile base game engine. You know.. with click to walk (or keyboard), inventory, grab items, talk to people, exp, levels, etc.

Any Good Ways, any help would be appreciated.

Eric Paul

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You want JavaScript game or you want Java game?
If you want JavaScript game then you in wrong section of forum. Hit the Flag Bad Post link and request to move this thread to correct board.
If you looking for Java game you will have to get started with your own code and ask specific questions as that is a large project and nobody will do it just for you...


I agree with peter_budo, in that if you're looking for a javaSCRIPT tile-based game...well that's a whole other story, and quite frankly I wouldn't bother.

A Java tile-based game though is entirely feasible. Check out a java based game engine called GTGE (Golden T Game Engine).

It's all right there.




Battleship., devil's lair., ants.., those are some of the favorites.
just search it on the web and you'll find a lot.

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