I want to make a 3d aquarium They way i want to animate will not be using keyframes at all, I want to move the fish model
using all programming in realtime. At first i will just be moving the fish in a sine wave, once i get the hang of that , i will rig the eye, mouth gills, fins and it will be very complicated . Was looking for tuts on this kind of animation all i ahve seen is keyframing. Hard to get started I was told some of you might know more about this kind of animation


(R) Rotation
(T) Translation

I should add i will be using C++? OpenGL Wild goose, a little more info might be helpful


If you want to use Blender for your 3D stuff, that's an option as it's open-source, very advanced, supports Python integration, and has a game-engine built-in. This means that you can control your models and such if you integrate in Python scripts for it, or you could go with the interface for using logic in the game engine that Blender has integrated into it. Then you can export that as an exe and all that jazz.


Thanks, I use blender One problem i thought i was going to have.
after making a fish then rig weight paint, textures, etc was to export all of that, it's good to know it would work, i just need more info on how to do that very thing if you know where i can get that


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