Okay I am a new programmer and I am interested in making games. I already began learning OpenGL, C++, and SDL. I need you guys to clear some stuff up for me please and also help recommend some tutorials/books for me.

I want to make a 2D Pokemon MMORPG. (Don't laugh at me please)
Questions below.

  • What are all the stuff I will need to make a game? (I am making it from scratch)

    I already know I need a coding language and Graphics like OpenGL, and I know i'll need something like SDL.
    I need you guys to list everything I will need to make this kind of 2D Pokemon MMORPG.

  • Do you know any good tutorials or books?
    I need some good books or tutorials for the stuff you listed for Question #1. Please recommend one for me.
  • Anything extra I will need to learn?

Note: I did my research already, I am just asking for advice and recommendations.
I already learned a good amount of C++, Win32 API, SDL, and OpenGL.
I will learn Networking last, since it seems hardest.

Explain to me how to build my MMORPG and MMO Engine.
Yes I am dedicated to this and I already began learning a few months back.
Please don't post negative things in here, I am just trying to learn. I am very dedicated to doing this.

If you could pick the ideal answer to your question, what would it be? You can be creative and say "show me this this and this" or whatever it is you want the answer to say.

Well it can help if anyone would show me books/tutorials on how to build a 2D MMORPG with an Engine from the ground up.

You're a new programmer, yet wanting to create a game engine already? And a networked game too... wow. I assume you have a server set-up for the online transactions; or will you be converting a good computer you have sitting around at your home already? And that you'll be writing your customized server's code :P
I also assume you have a good knowledge of mathematics. Luckily, as you're going the 2D route you won't have to deal with as complex math, although you could still (try to) make a physics engine.

Tutorials and articles for:
networking and multiplayer
artificial intelligence

And here's a full walkthrough for a "simple" game engine (Enginuity).

No offense, but 95% of the people who post this kind of thing in this forum don't get anywhere; they're just hopefuls. That being said, maybe you'll be in that lucky 5% :P

I agree with Shadwickman, jumping straight into game programming is more than likely a losing battle. The concepts you'll need to know are going to be completely foreign to you.

Also if you're going to create a MMORPG, I'd first study the networking portion otherwise you're going to be at a loss during the coding process.

Secondly gets some books on Trigonometry, Linear Algebra, College Algebra. You'll need to understand these concepts for the engine and especially for the AI.

Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc etc should have books on OpenGL and/or Game Programming. Everyone has their preference on which book to buy, so my suggestion is to go to the book store look at the books and decide which one contains the most of what you're looking for (you won't find everything you need in just 1 book).

I know it may seem we are discouraging you from your dream, but in reality we're helping you understand the task you are trying to undertake. I myself am studying game development, and the course didn't dump me head first into the game aspect, it led me in through the basic prinicples of programming having me become comfortable with writing code for general applications first, then introduced DirectX concepts (i.e. gaming) afterwards and to be honest even though I knew how to program, going from application coding to game coding is a HUGE leap. The ideas are really different but learning them is easier since I already have the foundation of the how's and why's.

In any case good luck and I hope your dream pans out.

look it up =]
soo easy to use.
server platform is low key.
all free :)