HI everyone! I'm Darkwing. Me and a crew of ppl, mostly teens :D, are willing to create an RPG named "Phoenix Dream". The thing is, i'm still learning, really, just starting to learn to program, so i'd need help from someone experienced enough to deal with 3D rendering and creation and programming. If anyone of you is willing to help me, PM me! I'll be glad for any help!

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Hi darkwind!

nice idea, the title sounds great. Usually the first beginners want to create an MMORPG ;)

I think, and I think the others think that too, that you should not begin programming with a 3D game. Look, I started programming 5 years ago, and since 1 year I use Blender, to create 3D models/scenes. Just three days ago, I started to program a 3D Application. And that is not easy for me... :S

So, if this doesn't change your mind, you should really start to learn C++, because there are several very powerful Game Engines for this language. I use Ogre3D, for which you can get an Exporter for Models from Blender. These are the most important Tools for your project. Of course you will need a Graphics Software to create Textures, Photoshop would be nice, but GIMP will do it, too. You'll also need the OgreXMLConverter, which you can find in the Command Line Tools from the Ogre Tools Downloads.
Finally, you will need a C++ IDE, the program in which you program your program. :D I use MS Visual C++ 2008 Express, which is free is you register for free.

And then you'll have to start. Some of the team will create the Models, some the Textures, some will have to write the story and some will program. For Blender, there are lots of Tutorials, which are really good, and this is how I have learned to use it, too. For Ogre (with C++) there are also some Tutorials in the Ogre Wiki. But for this, it is necessary to know about C++, and this will be the first step. Learn C++, so you could start here (I don't know i this tutorial is good, but I found it with google. You can search for another one, if you don't like this...)

I hope this will help you. You should not think this will be easy, and this project will surely take a long, long time, until it seems to be good enough to show the world what you did. Maybe the first release will be in 1 or 2 years, and maybe you will see, that it was too hard to begin with a project like this. I think only 5-10% of those projects are successful, but you should know, that was part of a failed team, and now I am part of a succeeding team, too. But we are developing a (M)MORPG.

I would really like to see your result in some years... :icon_mrgreen: Good luck.


P.S.: Blender has an integrated Game Engine, too. You can create Games Directly in Blender, but I don't like it. It is also in python, a script language. You should really try it with Ogre/C++.

I ain't crazy to do it totally myself, this thread is made to find somebody willing to cooperate and try to gather a team to make this succesful. Anyone willing to take this challenge, refer to my fhread

I would love to join the team I know C++ for about a year now. I still do not understand about 3D concepts or any stuff related to making a "real" game, not a crappy console game if you know what I mean ;).

Anyways my dream is to become a game programmer so I really would love to join the team.

PM me for more info on how to contact me if you want ;).

Tell me more about this project? what is the graphics style for instance? can you introduce your team? and have you put together any sort of design document or plan?

Umm, I'm thinking about taking up your offer... It will be interesting to work with up and coming devs with alot of inspiration. I can program 3D and such, been programming for quite a few years now but don't have much under my belt in the way of game projects. One of the last things I did was put together a software 3D renderer in Javascript using the HTML5 canvas element, but I prefer to code in C/C++.

Also, you can checkout my blogs at <<snip>> and <<snap>> but I haven't updated them for a while.

I would love to help you write the story. pm me your ideas and I can start.

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