Hello everyone

My name is greg and i'm please to find your community. I'm in serch of a Admin Bot I can use to monitor our home channel and interact with our webpage also. I'm not a programer and have tryed a little bit but for what I need i'm unable to to.

I am the owner & Webadministrator of <snipped> we have a nice size community of about 602 members and we play most of battle.net games, SC, BW, Diablo, WOW, etc....

I own a dedicated linux server and I would like to be able to install a Bot on that server without using Wine. I would also like for users connected to battle.net to be able to type commands and it can communicate with our webserver. We run a custom league and I would love for users to be able to type bot trigger @AGL1username or AGL2username and then the bot replys thats stats and info on that user weather there registered for the league and if they are it will display there stats.

If anyone is willing to help me out I would be so thankful. I do this for a hobby and it sucks when you want to do something your unable. I can offer in return webspace/shell access or $$Money if thats what you want.

Please I hope someone is up for this challange. I know I am not the only Linux user insearch of a battle.net bot for Diable,WOW, & SC!

running bots is a violation of the TOS of most game servers. Battle.NET AFAIK is no exception.

well there are people that are stilling using bots out the yigyang. I just wish someone would make a great bot for linux that could compair to all the other windows bots

yes, there are also still people stealing cars and cutting other peoples' throats...

It would be better I supose if you just keep your smart remarks to your self!!!!!!! I didn't start this thread for drama, I only wanted to see if anyone out there is will to help or something along those lines.

Its very clare YOU ARE NOT! So please only people interested reply.

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WOW WHAT A JERK YOU ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You gave me a infraction ROFL........ "Please Keep It Pleasant you say."

Grow the FUC* UP MAN! There was no negitive or hostile comment nor did I Flame you with BM.

You must be very week minded, or some nerd abusing her powers as a moderator.

Next time you give someone a infraction, make it for a good reason, or something serious.

I'll spell this out for you since you don't understand! When user's use a forum and some idot replys off topic or just something stupid to say then.... usually the poster or someone esle ask PLEASE ONLY SERIOUS PEOPLE NEED RESPOND! And you give me a infraction HAHAHA.

Thats really so 10 year kid shit. You replyed on your 1st reply, "Running bots is a violation of the TOS of most game servers. Battle.NET AFAIK is no exception".
What does that have to do with anything I asked, NOTHEN AT ALL.

Then you say, "Yes, there are also still people stealing cars and cutting other peoples' throats..." YOUR NOT HELPING and your way off subject and making stupid comments.

I didn't come here for drama and only wanted to meet someone willing to look into what I was looking for etc... So give me another infraction for being a American Adult that speaks his mind loser!!!!!!!!!

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still haven't learned how to behave in civilised society I see?

well i think running bots is a violation of the TOS of most game servers.

Actually, Battle.net doesn't care about bots unless it interferes with users' gaming experience, according to several Blizzard Representatives.

I know I've personally gone into Blizzard Tech Support and made it obvious I was using a bot several times, without repercussions. I've actually played stupid before and asked for support with an issue I claimed to be having with a bot. They just said "We don't offer support for [that software]."

Obviously they can't explicitly support the use of bots, because then some might hold them liable if they download a backdoored bot, but bots have generally benefited Battle.net. They do have some useful purposes: moderating a channel, a chat medium for if you're doing something else and don't want to load the game, etc.

As for the original question this topic was about, I recommend checking out JavaOp at http://javaop.com.

and any bot that doesn't interfere with the user experience is useless, so effectively they ban bots.

comparing a bnet chat or ops bot to stealing cars or cutting throats is got to be some of the silliest shit i have ever heard in my life

i happen to know several bnet reps personaly and i can tell you the only bot issues they have are gaming bots that auto lvl char's ect.

and mass loading flood bots

infact for the new upcoming battlenet for sc2/d3 they are releasing their own chat bot so....

none the less xgreedyx i also am lookinf for a decent nix bot to hold ch ops if i find one ill let you know

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