Hey! I've been looking into game development recently and decided to start learning, I have good base on C++ so language isn't problem. I came across these 2 libraries, SFML and SDL, they break opinions so I would like to hear which you guys suggest! Thanks

I think there might be more support for SDL than SFML in the internet.
Maybe pick one based the support it has online. So you get more
documents and tutorials for your benefit.

I have never used SFML, so I can't say anything about that. But I can highly recommend the SDL: it's a great library. If you're just starting to learn it, you really should check out this tutorial, it's one of nicest out there: http://lazyfoo.net/SDL_tutorials/index.php

[edit] The SDL has good multiplatform support. Programs you write with it will probably run on almost any computer you come across. I have SDL programs that run on Windows and various flavours of Linux, for example, but the SDL itself supports far more than that.

It also has support for joysticks, keyboard, mouse, software and hardware acceleration, etc. I find that the SDL's lack of primitive drawing functions (lines, polygons, circles, and so on) is a bit annoying, but there's an add on library called SDL_gfx that supports all these and more. Finally, SDL_ttf allows you to use virtually any font you'd like, be it fixed-width or true-type. And once you get into it more, you'll probably find that SDL_image's ability to load many common image formats (as opposed to just BMPs) is useful as well. [/edit]

Ok thanks! I'll pick SDL

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