HI there, I just found this site and was hoping someone could help me. I am a photographer and have been asked to license a photo of mine as a background to a new software program being developed. I don't know what the software is exactly. Can anyone tell me what you have paid for use rights when licensing the use of a third party photo as a background in developing your programs or games?

This is the inquiry I received:
I'm interested in using the wonderful Nat Geo photo of yours as
wallpaper in a Linux Distribution I'm working on.

Thank you in advance for any information.

if it's a Nat Geo photo (published by them?) they most likely own the copyright, it's their standard contract when purchasing the publication rights, so it's not yours to sell.

If you can sell it, check with your local professional photography organisation. Chamber of commerce should be able to get you their contact information.
Prices varry greatly, depending on use (which you know, sorta), size, resolution, distribution numbers, etc. etc.

But don't expect payment here. These guys want to use your image for free most likely and are just being nice to ask first (a lot of them don't, having no idea about intellectual property whatsoever).