hi guys
i wanna ideas for my project
knowing that the team consists of two members
the doctor rejects anything that is easy and not new
the project time is a month or 3 weeks
really ur help will be appreciated
Thanks in advance

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first step is coming up with your own idea.
ANYTHING you didn't come up with yourself won't be new.

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Yup, just another dump "project" thread

> Yup, just another dump "project" thread
Sorry jwenting, I meant dumb.

Though "dump" might be more appropriate in years to come, depending one how many lame "me too's" decide to drop by before the thread is finally put out of our misery ;)

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well said :)

Simulating the heart or something medical?

A graphical tour of your school ?


hardly original, yet probably too hard for the kid to complete (of course its "doctor" would love to see it attempt something to hard for it and fail utterly, because no doubt the man has a similar opinion of it that we do.

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