Hi everyone

My teacher want me to create a game but i dont know where will i start. I suggested to her that i will use vb.net as my language but she said that vb.net have the component or somethin about directx so i will have to start from crap and will not use any game engine.

So how will i apply or use this directx? where can i get it?

or should i study C++ or c# to make a fine game?

i dont really know where to start :'(

please help!!

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You can create games in C & C++ with the support of graphic header files. I think you already played some of the games in c without your knowledge!!!!!!!. Let try C and then move to the part of 2d and 3d games after getting some knowledge from there....

Well, IF:
you are bad at programming: Pascal: fast, easy. Use Free Pascal (freepascal.org).
good at programming, try C or C++ (or C#).
if flash is ok, maybe try that.

Right now forget about creating games. Its over your head, unless you
want to use something like gamemaker or something similar.
First learn how to program. Pick a language, whether it be C++ , python,
C# or whatever. After you get a decent amount of experience in programming, then you can move on to 2d or 3d if you want.

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I will suggest 3 ways: Easy => Python and PyGame (or even Rabbyt - easier library for 2D stuff) Normal => C# / VB.NET and XNA (xna is very good directx abstraction library) Hard => C++ and DirectX SDK (hard way, if you want to control everything and are prepared for that).

And of course there are many many unmentioned different ways to get there. So start at easy way, make several projects and move on to next level.

Good luck.

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I highly NOT recommend using Pascal...you could try C or C++...they are not so difficult and they are many languages that are similar ( like PHP ) so you actually learn more than that

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It really depends on what you are doing. Is this game 2D? If so, you will want to use either of the following:

Python with the pyGame library (recommended!)
C++ with the allegro graphics library

I recommend python because the syntax is a lot easier. Also, pygame is a lot easier to understand than Allegro

For 3D games, you're probably best off using C++ or another derivative of C. This is because the main 3D libraries like GLUT, OpenGL and DirectX are almost 'native' to that language. You can use these in python, but it's harder, and you have to have other library wrappers installed. I was choose OpenGL and GLUT over DirectX, as it is a lot simpler.

Hope this helps you!

PS: Pygame has support for OpenGL bindings when using python, but again, python isn't the main language that OpenGL is used in.

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oh my!:-O
i havent log in for about 2 months because im busy in my summer class and was over thinking about this game developing project....

So the game we are developing will be a 3d racing game and we will use 3ds max for modelling our medium. But still dont know how to use 3ds max, so we will need a tutorial for that.

Im really really happy for joining here in daniweb coz people here are so kind and helpful.

i hope i can repay you ^_____________^

GOD bless everyone

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