I am new to software development. I just started to read software engineering by Ian Sommerville and just fell in love with software development. I want to learn the C++ language. What is the best approach to quick and clear understanding and use of the language. I want to develop games that have never never been created before, never been imagined. Games of future generations. Games with awesome graphics. Great story lines, wisdom and direction for misguided minds. Super exciting games. I am really enthusiastic. I have never written a program before, never did it during my high school days. I am clue less. However I am eager to learn. I am here to revolutionize software engineering. I am here to make programming simple. I will be the greatest programmer ever. I just need to learn. I need mentors, I need teachers, I need direction. I need advice. I need encouragement. Please. Some one. Any one. Where do I start? How do I start?

Glad to see someone is so energetic.

  • You can start by picking up C++ books
  • Then, some Math book for game programming.
  • Then, choose a graphic library that you prefer and learn it well.
  • Fail to make your dream come true several times
  • Then, keep trying

I am a kid who loves computer programming. I am currently working in a big digital dictionary project alone, no one to help me but daniweb community.

Try out game maker 8, you will love starting with it, it features 3D, you can make awesome 2D games, etc. You can make 3D games like GTA vice city, etc.

Go to www.yoyogames.com and download game maker 8. I am making a game like Age of Empires with game maker, it is user friendly also!

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