Im creating my own home media center, and im writing my own software for it.

After searching the web for several hours i'm still having trouble understanding how and if its possible to control a Tv Tuner card from my application.

To my understanding it should be possible through the DirectX 9.0 SDK, however i can't seem to find the right classes to use.

If anyone knows anything about this topic, please reply to this thread.

Im running Windows XP Pro and writing my code in C#.NET.

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Yea seems like a great idea i am using t.v tunner of typohne and if you can make better then it i promice i will be your first customer....

let me know what your problem exactly is.
as i got.you are implementing a directx 9.0 application via c# to play tv from your capture card
if i know what exactly your problem is may be i can help you more

I'm not sure but I think that you should use some kind of API that your TV tuner card supports.maybe it's own API.

Good luck.

dear mostafadotnet
there is no problem using WDM TV tuner cars via c# or other managed languages
but as i created my own fully completed commercial software and i'm using it.
so i have some experiences about it now.
the comment that i have sent is one of many samples that exist. u can check it out. it may be use full.
by the way, most of typhoone TV tuners use Philips SA713x chipset and they all have wdm driver. so there is lots of easy ways to use it.
you can create a graph by graphedit and test it.

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