So. I've decided to make a browser based MMORPG. But I need some advice on where I should start with the whole thing...
I've got ideas, and knowledge on HTML, CSS and JavaScript. From what I've found PHP and MySQL is needed also, and I know very little on them, so what is it about these two I need to know? What are the important parts that'll make it come together?

If it's any help, the game is a basic text based, it's mainly clicking links to make stuff happen, to buy items, fight, etc. I'd like the ability to buy and build property also. As I say, nothing big (idea wise). It will have a few graphics also.
What I need to know, if it wasn't very clear before: What parts of PHP and MySQL are vital? Why do I need PHP and MySQL? And where should I start?

Thanks for all help! :)

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Well, PHP and MySQL will take care of your databases, users and probably a good deal of the content as well.
MySQL is a database language, it can store locations to images, users, amounts required for purchases or whatever.
PHP is more of a scripting language (though PHP really isn't my field of interest so some people might disagree, and even be right). It takes care of what happens when, and what content goes where.

Hope this helps a bit.


MySQL is a database language, it can store locations to images, users, and large data .
PHP is more of a scripting language .It is more useful in the web designing.

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